Herschel Outfitter Backpack Review

Herschel Outfitter Backpack Reviews

Review score: 8.9/10 – Updated April, 2024

Latest Price: £100 (RRP: £100)

Take a look now to discover what makes Herschel Outfitter Backpack worthy of a review score of 8.9 out of 10.

Herschel Outfitter Backpack Review

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Herschel Outfitter Backpack features

Herschel Outfitter Backpack specs

Herschel Outfitter Backpack
Spec 1

Colour: Black Crosshatch

Other Bags found with this Spec: 1

Spec 2

Size: One Size

Other Bags found with this Spec: 255

Spec 3

Gender: Unisex

Other Bags found with this Spec: 2527

Feature 1

Classic woven brand label

Other Bags found with this feature: 3

Feature 2

Pebbled leather pulls

Other Bags found with this feature: 1

Feature 3

Shoe specific compartment

Other Bags found with this feature: 1

Feature 4

Removable padded webbing shoulder strap

Other Bags found with this feature: 1

Feature 5

Stowable contoured backpack straps

Other Bags found with this feature: 1

Feature 6

Additional utility handles

Other Bags found with this feature: 1

Feature 7

Pebbled leather carrying handle snap fastener

Other Bags found with this feature: 1

Feature 8

Black and white striped fabric liner

Other Bags found with this feature: 1

Feature 9

63L maximum volume capacity

Other Bags found with this feature: 1

Feature 10

Dimensions: 13 x 24 x 11 inches

Other Bags found with this feature: 1





Quality is without doubt one of the most important factors that we consider when buying bikes, parts, accessories or clothing. As you’d imagine it’s especially important when buying Bags. Let’s take at a look at the sort of things you can look at when trying to ascertain the quality of Herschel Outfitter Backpack.

The first thing is material. Looking at what Herschel Outfitter Backpack is made of will give you a really good idea of the quality overall. Take a look at the specs above and you should be able to see the material. It’s then up to you to decide if it meets your expectation.

Similarly you’ll also want to spend some time looking at the features too. Again the table above, listing the features will give you a really good overview. However you should think about the sort of features that you’d expect when buying new Bags. It’s worth writing a list of the “must-have” features so that you don’t end up compromising and missing some important features, or alternatively end up buying an unnecessarily high specced product.

There’s also a lot of merit in checking out the brand of the product and looking at the various brands that are selling Bags. Brands like Herschel are of courses extremely well respected in the cycling community so you know you’re getting a fantastic product with them. But if you’re undecided on your product you should write up a list of brands that you’d be happy to buy. It’s a great way of filtering and narrowing down the number of products when you’re searching.

Next up you’ll want to think about the price and use that as a guide to set your expectations of the quality. If you’re buying the cheapest of the options in the Bags category you should probably expect it to not be of as good quality as the most expensive. It sounds obvious of course. But this is where you can get a bit clever and use your combination of features, specs, materials and other factors to work together to get a really good quality product at the best price. We often draw up a list of “must-haves” and use these as filters when shopping online so that you’re only seeing products that meet your criteria. You can then sort by Price>Low to get the best deals.

Comparing Prices

Price, as you would imagine, is the most popular reason for someone buying one product over another. It is the single most important factor in choosing the majority of products we buy. The same goes for Bags.

It’s at this stage of the buying process, when you’re looking at different options, that you should set a budget. Do some research to understand how much roughly you can expect to pay for the sort of level of product that you’re looking for. Then match that to your own personal circumstance and how much you can afford to spend. This will really help you in narrowing down the right product for you.

Price of Herschel Outfitter Backpack

So the first aspect of price that we’re going to look at is the price of Herschel Outfitter Backpack.

We run regular scans across the web to find the best prices for the products that we review, from a range of cycling retailers. The best price we managed to find Herschel Outfitter Backpack was over at Chain Reaction Cycles where the price was £100 in our latest search.

Based on this price we’ve scored it 9.2 out of 10 for price.

Average price of Bags

Next we wanted to look at how much you can expect to pay, on average, for Bags.

We found 605 in the Bags category over at Chain Reaction Cycles. We looked at the average price of the products within this category and found the average is £56.84, making it above average at £100.

It’s sometimes helpful to look at how much the prices can vary. Especially when setting yourself a budget, or when trying to understand just how much you could spend on Bags. We found that the most expensive product currently available was £559.99, whilst the cheapest we managed to find was £1.75.

With 605 products available we worked out that 85 cost more than Herschel Outfitter Backpack and 517 were cheaper.

Cost of Herschel products

At Chain Reaction Cycles we found 4 products from Herschel, of which 4 were in the Bags category.

For now though we’re looking at Herschel branded products in all categories. The average price of these products was £58.74 making this product above average.

You’ll also be interested to know that the cheapest Herschel product we found was £19.95 and the highest price we could find from them was £100.00.

Of the 4 from Herschel, 0 were more expensive than Herschel Outfitter Backpack and 3 were cheaper.

How much are Herschel Bags?

We then wanted to get a bit more specific and only look at Herschel products that are listed in the Bags category.

The average price of the 4 products that match this search was £58.74, with the cheapest coming in at £19.95 and highest price was £100.00. With the average being £58.74, Herschel Outfitter Backpack comes in above average.

0 products that meet this search were more expensive than Herschel Outfitter Backpack and 3 were cheaper.

Herschel Outfitter Backpack Reviews

Reading reviews is an amazing way of getting a good feel for a product without actually being able to try it or see it first.

There are two different types of reviews, and we also recommend reading both.

1. Expert reviews – In the cycle industry there are loads of really reliable trusted resources for expert reviews. For example if you’re looking to buy a new bike, BikeRadar Bike Reviews are great.

2. Customer reviews – these are probably your best resource for information. There’s no finances or influence involved, they’re purely just honest reviews from customers that have bought and used the product. The reason we love customer reviews so much is because no matter if their view is good or bad, there’s a very good chance that it will be honest and unbiased.

Our best advice is to head over to Chain Reaction Cycles and read the Herschel Outfitter Backpack reviews there.

Based on what we’ve seen in terms of reviews for Herschel Outfitter Backpack, it really does look like a great buy. So for the review score, we’ve scored it 8.1 out of 10. The average review score for all products in the Bags category at Chain Reaction Cycles is 4.3 out of 5.

Owner reviews, as we say, are one of the most important pieces of research that we can do before we buy. So, with that in mind, if you do go on to buy Herschel Outfitter Backpack or another similar product, like Levi’s Commuter Pro Echelon Windbreaker Jacket reviews or blueseventy Swim Socks Thermal 2015 reviews we’d love you to leave a review in the comments below. It will really help future buyers just like you, when they’re looking to buy Bags.


As we said in the pricing part of the review, brand is a really important consideration, but especially so when looking to buy Bags. But as you’re probably already aware, you’re on to a great choice if you do go with Herschel, as they’re a fantastic brand, making amazing products.

YouTube Video of Herschel Outfitter Backpack

Below we’ve embedded a video from YouTube where we’ve searched for Herschel Outfitter Backpack reviews.


Overall, we’ve been hugely impressed by the quality, price, reviews and features of Herschel Outfitter Backpack. We’d say that as long as it fits your budget and meets your expectations in terms of features/spec…it’s a really strong contender. That’s why we’ve scored it a massive 8.9/10 overall.

Further product details

  • Product ID 1: 25010789249
  • Product ID 2: 673525UK
  • Brand: Herschel
  • Model number: 10302-02090-OS
  • RRP: £100
  • EAN: 828432208449
  • Description: Herschel Outfitter BackpackA versatile travel bag that seamlessly switches between backpack and duffel bag that comes with lots of clever and user friendly design features.Versatile TransportationHerschel’s Outfitter Backpack comes with multiple carrying options allowing you to transport the pack however you choose. Firstly top carry handles allow you to use the bag like it’s a classic duffel bag. For longer journeys or when you need your hands free the pack comes with detachable padded shoulders which help to spread the load of your kit. There’s also a useful haul handle on one end of the bag for quick grabbing.StorageThe pack comes with a large 65 litre maximum volume capacity that is spread across a large main compartment, exterior pockets on either side for all your quick grab essentials, and a shoe specific compartment that has a specially ventilated design.FeaturesClassic woven brand labelPebbled leather pullsShoe specific compartmentRemovable padded webbing shoulder strapStowable contoured backpack strapsAdditional utility handlesPebbled leather carrying handle snap fastenerBlack and white striped fabric liner63L maximum volume capacityDimensions: 13 x 24 x 11 inchesBuy Herschel Backpacks from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World’s Largest Online Bike Store.
  • Full Category: Accessories > Bags
  • Size: One Size
  • Unisex
  • 0
  • Adult

Other options for Bags

As you’d imagine there are so many options out there when buying Bags. 605 in fact.

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